An inspiring and rewarding program.

"This was my favourite part of the renovation process. Actually it was because of the workshop we felt completely confident with our plans and subsequent build. Our renovated space is a joy to live in and we enjoy getting to know how it responds to each season and time of day. Thank you Suzie and Laura, we love our new home.”

— madeline, melbourne.

 “Home was a revelation. Before I did the program, I had a rough idea of what I liked and didn’t like, but didn’t have any real direction. It’s really helped me understand who I am, what I love, and what I want in a home. Of course, the answers are all in your head – it’s just a brilliant way of drawing them out!”

— mark, uk.

“It allowed us to tap into elements of creativity we didn’t know we had and I discovered how creative my husband could be. It was a real discovery process for us, we discovered things even about each other and we’ve been married 25 years now so that’s always nice to discover something new after that time. What was really valuable was to find out how aligned we both were in our thinking.”

— lesley-anne, brisbane.

“Your masterclass is amazing! I can’t image renovating without it. Highly recommend!!! We’re in. In short it’s awesome.”

— melissa, melbourne.

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